Universal Halloween Horror Nights Trip Report!

This weekend was a scary adventure through Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night in Universal City, CA.

IMG_0024               IMG_0026

This is my wife Lisset and I in our Pre-scare condition.  If you’ve never been to a scare event like this, it is essentially the Universal Studios Amusement park dressed up for the ultimate scare.  There are designated “Scare Zones” themed to a movie or some subject such as “Dark Christmas”, all set up to scare you.  There are actors dressed up walking around the park as scary characters, and there are a number of walk-through mazes you enter that are designed to scare the pants off you.  Needless to say, I was pant-less by the end of the night.

IMG_0027          IMG_0030
Entering the park, we got a good idea of what we were in for.  We were able to get in a little early so being able to see everything in the daylight was great, but it was the light of night that made everything truly shine.  Such as this maze that was themed to the return of Michael Meyers from the Halloween movies called “Michael Meyers Comes Home”.


It was a great scary experience with Michael Meyers chasing you at ever turn.

We then met up with some friends and family and headed out to “The Purge” tram ride based on the movie of the same name.

IMG_0052     IMG_0051

As part of the Purge, we were treated to being a part of the annual event where one night out the year all crimes are legal.

IMG_0065          IMG_0067     IMG_0054          IMG_0070

One of the coolest things about The Purge Tram ride is that it drops you off near the famed house from the classic horror movie “Psycho”.  You are even able to come up to the house and take pictures!  So of course we did.

IMG_0059          IMG_0063

As a fan of all movies, it is an amazing experience to be able to be down in the Universal Studios movie lot and be a part of movie history.  This was definitely a highlight of the night for me.

After the tram ride we headed back to Springfield, home of the Simpsons and some great food.

IMG_0036          IMG_0071          IMG_0072          IMG_0075

We ate at Cletus’ Chicken Shack.  The food was great and we had the chance to order such delightful dishes such as “Chicken Thumbs” and Chicken and Waffles, which turned out to literally be chicken sandwiched between two waffles.  Too cool.  Oh and Spider Pig made an appearance as well (for all you Simpsons Movie fans).

Once finished, we headed back out in the darkness to face such mazes as the “Alien vs. Predator”, “Crimson Peak”, “The Walking Dead” and the “Dead Christmas” scare zone.

IMG_0089             IMG_0093          IMG_0097          IMG_0103

All in all it was a spooky fantasic night with lots of scares and great times.  I highly recommend Universal Studios Halloween Horror nights if you’re a fan of movies and Halloween scares.

Here is also a great YouTube link I found of a previous Halloween Horror night that is a pretty good picture of what to expect.

As always, thanks for visiting and feel free to leave your comments or questions below.

Good night and Pleasant Screams everybody!

Happy Halloween!!!

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