Paint Nite Fun!!

Hello Everyone!!

I hope all is well for you on the other side of the screen.  Life has been busy, but good.  So it was nice to take a breather a couple nights ago and having the opportunity to be a part of something really cool called Paint Nite.

Paint Nite is essentially a group of people that get together at a local bar or restaurant to sit and drink…and paint.  The organizers set up a series of blank canvases and an instructor then helps the entire group paint a single picture.  Drinking and painting…what could be better?

The picture for our group that night was called “Lust in the Wind” by Fuqua Duarte.  Sounds enticing right?

Paint Nite Pic

This is what it’s supposed to look like in the end. We take it one step at a time and begin slowly with a blank canvas.


With a blank canvas, the possibilities are endless.  This could be an amazing work of art, something that could change the art world entirely!  Of course, I was setting out to be the next Michelangelo (the painter not the Ninja Turtle).  So with a drink in our hands, my wifey and I begin to let the paints flow.

2015-11-21 18.06.11.jpg

The lesson begins simple enough, fill in the nighttime sky.  This was a fun start because we learned how to make a basic purple color from the combination of blue, red and a little bit of black. We started filling in a large part of the blank space and begin to slowly blend in from darkness to light.20151121_183638.jpg

After the sky has been filled in, we begin to shade in the darkened hillside and fill in the moon with a white color to make the night time “pop” just a little more.


Here is my honey finishing up her hillside and having a great time in the process.

Lastly, we begin to construct the tree.


My tree started out as a simple structure cause I wasn’t really sure how I was gonna make my tree.  Once I had the simple outline completed, I went ahead filled it in with black and shades of grey.  With the core of the tree completed, I filled in the leaves with shades of pinks made with a blend of the color red and white.  A few minor touches later including the addition of some stars, and my masterpiece was complete.


I have to say, I was pretty happy with my end result.  With the instruction provided and just a little bit of personal creativity, we all ended up with a pretty fine product.

2015-11-21 20.13.06.jpg

The combination of a group painting and just a little bit of alcohol is definitely an interesting one, and something I would recommend to all aspiring Picasso’s out there.  Paint Nite was a fun night, and something I would definitely do again.

Thanks to everyone for checking in and hope to see you all again real soon!!

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