Pixar Pier Coming in 2018

Hello Disney Day Dreamers,

It was announced this past summer at D23 that Paradise Pier at Disney California Adventure park would be transformed from Paradise Pier to Pixar Pier in Summer 2018.  This week they have released the first images and information of the transformation.Pixar Pier

The transformation will serve as an enhancement to the area changing many of the Paradise elements to Pixar themed attractions and character interactions. There will be four new neighborhoods all taken from the Pixar movie worlds. The first and biggest change will be the California Screaming Coaster being transformed into the Incredicoaster.


The coaster will get a new “mid-century-modern-style” loading area, along with new styled ride cars, and some type of new character interactions in the themed queue. Unfortunately this also means that Screamin’ will be closing on January 8th for the update, so if you like to ride this coaster, get your ride in before then.

Other areas include the “Inside Out” inspired neighborhood which will add some sort of spin ride inspired by the movie. This new ride will be placed within the roundabout of the coaster next to Mickey’s Fun Wheel. The fun wheel will also be re-themed with new appropriately styled Pixar gondolas but the giant Mickey head will remain on the wheel (Thank goodness cause I love that view).

Inside Out

There will also be the new Toy Story neighborhood which is already anchored by the Toy Story Mania ride.  Hopefully this ride will be updated a bit, some of the screens need some attention and it is always nice for screen based rides to be evolved over time. It is also the location of King Triton’s Carousel; it will be interesting to see if they change the theme of this ride as well.

The final neighborhood will serve as a mix matched area of all Pixar characters and interactions from characters in the Pixar world. All the current boardwalk games will be redone to show inspiration from the arsenal of Pixar characters.

Lastly, and to the dismay of my wife, the Cove Bar and Ariel’s Grotto eating areas will be made into a new Lounge and Grill that has yet to be renamed. Hopefully those yummy custom drinks and Lobster Nachos will survive the transformation.

Elements of this transformation will be opened in time for Pixar Fest in April 2018, the rest will be reveled some time in Summer 2018.

IMG_0001 (2)

The Pixar theming seems to serve as a sort of way for Disney to throw in some more recognized characters for merchandising and character photo-ops, which honestly, I really don’t mind. What I worry about is the fact that Disney California Adventure is no longer a “California Adventure”.  There is no longer any cohesive theme throughout the park and it is all just a mix-match of ideas and characters.  What will the resulting theme park look like in the end? That remains to be seen. But with the addition of “Star Wars Land” in Disneyland on the horizon, this looks to be the new Disney norm.

That’s all for now Disney Day Dreamers.  Stay tuned for the transformation of Disneyland into the Merriest Place on earth. With Christmas on the horizon, there are sure to be some great holiday decorations coming soon.

Thanks for visting and Keep on Day Dreaming!!


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