A Visit to Knott’s Daytime Halloween

Hello Disney Day Dreamers!!

Today’s trip involves a journey down to Knott’s Berry Farm. Get ready for fun picture filled time…


But instead of just good family fun…we’ve got some new scary inhabitants!


Going into the Original Ghost Town we get to see a bit of the new neighbors.



Ghost town is truly living up to its name with lots of Halloween decorations and netted spiderwebs all across the town.



This looks like the worse school house ever.  Wonder what she teaches??


There’s plenty of cool merchandise to be had…



But none cooler, than the new Elvira Mistress of the Dark Mechandise!



This is the last year for Miss Elvira to perform at Knotts Scary Farm.  So if you’re a fan…catch her while you can!!


Heading on down to the boardwalk there are some fun toys to be won!



I always love to spot a little Disney wherever I go. There is usually a sea of strollers at Disneyland…but here, it’s a little more manageable.


Further down the Boardwalk there is the great Gargoyle fountain.



Walking past the stage in Calico Square where the Halloween Haunt show “The Hanging” takes place along with a few cool Photo Ops.




This Definitely looks a like a bar you don’t want to visit at night!


Further along then is the great Calico Mine Ride.  There is nothing special set up for Halloween, but it is still a fun ride whenever you visit!



After getting your blood pumping from that ride, it’s time to head to the Timber Mountain Log Ride; this year it becomes to the Halloween Hootenanny for the season.


It’s a thrilling log ride filled with Horror, Aliens and lot’s of Halloween fun!!



Heading down to Fiesta Village it becomes Dia De Los Muertos or Day of The Dead!



Lot’s of beautiful Latin themed decorations abound throughout the village.



Traveling through Camp Snoopy and on your way out, there are lots of spooky characters along the way.



That’s it for our trip to Knott’s Berry Farm for today.  Hope you come back soon for a future trip report on Knott’s Scary Farm.  Have a great rest of your day and Keep on Disney Dreamin’!!




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