The Puppets Always Win

Everyone is dancing slowly

Moving to the beat

Swaying to the melody

Where noise and silence meet

We all have reasons daily

To hustle to and fro

But no matter what the speed

There’s nowhere left to go

And so I march in place

My strings tell where I’ve been

Cause I know better than to run

For the puppets always win.

End of the Holidays and a New Tropical Hideaway

Hello Disney Fam!

It’s been a long time since my last post; it’s been a busy (but productive) year since then. But before I get into all that, here’s a quick update on the latest at Disney. Starting at California Adventure I ran into this little beauty! As always, please feel free to click on the smaller photos for full resolution.


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The Happiest Place on Earth…Under Construction

The holidays are now over and it’s refurbishment time at Disneyland.


From the moment you enter, things are different.  The tram loading up top is different from the usual loading area.


The old loading area to the left is now closed due to construction that will be starting soon on a new parking structure next to Mickey and Friends. The tram will be rerouted to accommodate the new structure coming soon.

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Saying Goodbye to Small World Holiday

Hello Day Dreamers!

Whelp, the holidays have now come and gone.  Thankfully that also means the 2 week blackout period for all Annual Passholders has passed.  But unfortunately that also means the end of the Holidays at Disneyland.  This post is simply going to be a look back at It’s a Small World Holiday version and all it’s wonderful light filled glory.


And here’s a few from different angles…

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