The Happiest Place on Earth…Under Construction

The holidays are now over and it’s refurbishment time at Disneyland.


From the moment you enter, things are different.  The tram loading up top is different from the usual loading area.


The old loading area to the left is now closed due to construction that will be starting soon on a new parking structure next to Mickey and Friends. The tram will be rerouted to accommodate the new structure coming soon.


It’s nice to see Mickey back to normal after the holidays. The walls can be seen as soon as you walk into the park.

The tracks along Main Street U.S.A are being replaced with shiny new tracks after more than 60 years. There will also be a new brick layout between the tracks giving a more classic look while serving as a better surface for the horses that travel along the way. There are some nice distractions along the way down Main Street.IMG_1260

While the music plays there are many beautiful signs along the walls outlining some Disney nostalgia.

Heading towards the castle there is more wonderful music to set your ears ablaze.  The Disneyland band along with a cast of characters entertain and wow!




On to see more walls around the park.  Fantasyland is having some major refurbishment work.

IMG_1348 Stitch

Storybook Canals, and Dumbo are both behind walls while Storybook gets refurbished and Dumbo gets it’s line queue redesigned and enclosed.  Still some cool posters along the walls. Feel free to click below.

Casey Jr. train ride is also closed for refurbishment.


Following through onto It’s a Small World, there is work being performed on the outside queue.  This work will reroute the parade to allow more space for the line of the attraction and stroller parking.


Passing by the Matterhorn and Valentines balloons on full display


IMG_1340 I made my way into Tomorrowland


There’s plenty of Star Wars to be seen.


There’s some cool new merchandise that I will soon be making a new home for.


Over in Critter Country, Splash Mountain is closed for it’s spring refurbishment.


With all the walls up, it’s good to see the Haunted Mansion back to it’s original glory!


New Orleans Square is still decked out in Mardi Gras decorations for that festive feeling.

But Frontierland is up and running in all it’s jungle glory!




And it just wouldn’t be a trip to Disneyland without some yummy treats!


All in all, it’s always a great time at Disney. But be aware that there will be some construction going on for another month or two before the park returns to normal again. I will leave you with a couple more images I took on this day/night out.





There will be a new update soon with the events going on at California Adventure, so stay tuned!!  Thanks for visiting and see you all soon DayDreamers!!




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