Pixar Fest, Spring Colors and Treats!!

Hello DayDreamers!

This past weekend I got a chance to experience the all new festivities of Pixar Fest and the springtime colors of Disneyland.  It is such a treat to see Disney celebrating pixar and having the chance to see a few new or rarely seen characters around the parks.

Coming into the parks though, you definitely get the feeling of the looming crowds to come.


This is the current state of the Mickey and Friends parking area.  The current structure you see holds approximately 10,000 spaces.  Next to this area in the dirt lot you see, will be an additional 6 story parking structure which will add 6,500 spaces to park.  The parks are already crowded, but you get the feeling with Star Wars land, it will not be a fun place to be for the first few months of opening day.

But enough about that, let’s have some fun at Pixar Fest.

Walking through Downtown Disney into the parks, there is a fun atmosphere filled with colorful topiary decorations along the way.


Finding Nemo joins Toy Story and The Incredibles in these imaginative garden displays. It’s such a fun addition to downtown and will brightens up the shopping mall district of Disney. Feel free to click on any of the photos below for closer look.

When you get to the gate of Disneyland, the signs to the entrance let you know where the celebration is.

On my way down Main Street, I was able to catch a glimpse of Mickey himself making his guests feel right at home.


There are fun colorful banners strewn along Main Street leading up to the castle.  The banners are pretty bright and detract somewhat from the usual Disney decorations, but this is a celebration, so it fits the occasion.

As you can see above, spring time is in full effect with flowers blooming all around the parks. Even the entrance to Tomorrowland is green with hope for the future.


Until you actually get to Tomorrowland and realize, the future is packed.


It’s crowded but still very manageable, and Pixar Fest still manages to provide Lotso great fun for all….get it, Lotso??


I especially liked the souvenir cups with the green aliens inside of them.  There were quite a bit of Alien sightings throughout festival as you will soon see.


They even managed to take over the Pizza Port!!


Making my way through Disneyland, I was able to spot our gracious host entertaining the masses.


Traveling through Fantasyland, you are able to see the colorful flowers or StoryBook Land welcoming you for a journey. And if you look closely in the pictures below, you might even catch a glimpse of Mary Poppins herself taking a ride on the Carousel. A great time indeed.

This little angel looks strangely mischievous, but it’s probably because he knows we are about take in some heavenly treats!


Just a few of the delicious sweet treat offerings are the snacks offered up at Pooh Corner.

Those Pixar Pals cakepops are available for a limited time during Pixar Fest and are a fun sweet treat to eat. Try saying that five times fast!

Of course there are also the fun Pixar themed Popcorn Bucket and Sipper cups available for a limited amount of time.  There were plenty available at last check so I don’t believe there is any reason to rush out, just get ’em while they last!

There are also lots of new ears around the Parks, these were just a few of my favorites.  But I’m sure you will be able to find a pair of ears for any mood for your next visit.


A quick hello to Donald on my way out and onto California Adventure.


Pixar Fest is alive and well at California Adventure as well, but to be honest, I was slightly underwhelmed.

There are a couple of fun meet and greets and more fun food offerings, but I didn’t feel like it was any more “Pixar-ish” than a normal day at the park. I really feel like Pixar Fest should have been an announcement of the opening of Pixar Pier.  Without the pier, it definitely feels like a premature celebration.  But maybe that just means that there is something bigger in store for that event.  We will see.


Pixar Pier…coming soon!


Heading back to Disneyland for the Pixar Play Parade, Luxo and Luxo Jr. get the celebration started!


There are tons of characters throughout the parade, including characters from Monsters Inc., The Incredibles, A Bug’s Life and Toy Story.

One of the cool new parade floats for this iteration of the parade comes from the Pixar film “Inside Out”. It is just a wonderful depiction from a key moment of the film which I believe captures the spirit of the movie. Very well done.


My favorite float in the parade definitely has to be the new float with Carl Fredricksen from Up. That movie seems to get me every single time!


The parade ends with the characters from Toy Story wishing everyone a fun day and a few sprays of water to cool the crowd down.

Overall, it’s a fun parade with great energy and great characters.  Highly recommended during your day out in the parks.

IMG_2374As the sun begins to set, it’s time to find a spot for the Pixar fireworks spectacular “Together Forever”.

IMG_2471 Normally I wouldn’t post the following pictures because my camera is not built to take very good pictures at night (or I just don’t really know how to yet), but I had to show just a little of what comes during the Pixar Fireworks show.


It is a very high energy, explosive show filled with lot’s of explosions and pyrotechnics.

The images projected onto the castle are clear and amazing to see in person.  Best of all…there’s fire!!


The show is a lot of fun, albeit a little shallow.  It is essentially a Pixar clip show, but hey, with characters like Pixar has to offer, that’s all you really need.

Finally, one last quick trip around the Park….


Then it’s time to go.

Pixar Fest overall is a fun experience and a nice addition to a day at both Disneyland and California Adventure. I don’t think it is worth taking a special trip out just for this event, but if you’re already here, you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for taking the trip to Pixar Fest with me and I look forward to another day in the parks soon!


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Thanks again for visiting!

Take care and Keep on Dreaming!!


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